When I first met Erwin I felt he was not only one of the easiest people to talk to—but also one of the friendliest. After viewing a few of his short films I also realized how extremely talented he was. But to simply say Erwin is “talented” doesn’t really tell the whole story. In creating my short film, Erwin not only did the hard work of researching me and my career, but also spent many hours talking with me, getting to know me better and really learning what I was about. The result was a beautifully realized statement in which Erwin was able to encapsulate my 45+ year career. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Michael Doret



Kenton Nelson, American Painter
Jim Heimann, Executive Editor, Taschen Books
Michael Doret, Letterform Designer
Anton Ismael, Visual Artist (Indonesia)
Wenzlau Vineyard & Winery
Morton Court Mosaic
Runaway Pony, Children's Clothing Boutique
John Caldwell, Furniture and Lighting Designer, JCDesigns
Kabuki Restaurants
Ross Design, Architects


Edgar Agbayani, Chef
Harambee Prep School


Ann Lee, Activist, Playwright (Indonesia)
Ray Turner, Artist
Frank Gallagher, Mason